100 Days of JavaScript - Udemy
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Oct 22, 2023

100 Days of JavaScript - Udemy

Improve your JavaScript abilities by building Astonishing projects throughout the following 100 Days with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


What you'll learn

  • Level up your JavaScript abilities by building projects
  • Use ES6 Classes, arrow functions, occasions, DOM manipulation and more.
  • Apply HTML, CSS, Flexbox and Grid Layout on projects
  • Use Bootstrap to assemble projects.
  • Requirements
  • Fundamental information on HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Description
  • Welcome to 100 Days Of JavaScript, a venture based JavaScript course.
  • Learning the basics of JavaScript is a certain something, however applying the information to fabricate useful web apps can at times be troublesome particularly for beginners.


I made this course to assist beginners and intermediate-level JavaScript designers with gaining clearness and construct certainty BY building astonishing projects with JavaScript.

Toward the finish of the course, we will fabricate what I call a "PSEUDO JAVASCRIPT AI" which is an exceptionally thrilling task.

Every one of the projects we assemble are very much explained.

A considerable lot of the projects we fabricate are parts found on current websites and web apps.


Course Prerequisite

This course isn't so much for a flat out JavaScript beginner.

To take this course you want to know the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Here is a list of projects we work in the course

Counter Application

Random Hex Variety Generator

Random Number Generator


Palindrome Checker

Vowel Counter Application

Snap to Duplicate

Google Drive Download Connection Generator

Climate Application

Input Field Character Counter

Verses Search Application

Web Association Status Finder

Test Application

Programming interface Venture

HTTP Solicitation Venture

Random Statement Generator

List Search Undertaking

Date Commencement

Time Commencement

Tip Number cruncher

Smooth Parchment Impact

Tacky Nav Bar on Parchment

Dynamic Menu Switcher

Look To Top

Responsive Versatile Menu - section 1 and 2

Responsive Versatile Menu with Submenu

Page Parchment Pointer

Bulletin Structure on Parchment

Page Activity With AOS Library

Secret phrase Generator

Neighborhood Capacity

Straightforward Task Application

Task Application with Nearby Capacity

Notes Application

BMI Adding machine

Adding machine

Advanced Clock

Weight Converter

Temperature Converter

Running Match-up

Word Count Instrument


Async Await - Random Joke Generator

Modules, Imports and Commodities

GitHub Profile Search Application

Wikipedia Search Application

Picture Slider

JavaScript Exhibit Strategies

Information Quality and JS

Item Channel

Item Merry go round Slider

Vertical Tabs

Count Up Application

Computerized Piano

Structure Approval

Secret key Perceivability Switch

Secret key Strength Pointer

Energized Login UI

Energized Search Bar

Udemy Client Symbol Menu

Cash Converter

Film Listing Application

Drifting Activity Button

Dull and Light Mode Toggler

Web Discourse Programming interface - Discourse To Text Application

Web Discourse Programming interface - Discourse To Text Application - With Voice Command

Discourse Blend - Text To Discourse Application

Type Composing Impact Task

Custom Advancement Bar

Custom Caution and Toast Notice (ES6 Classes)

Custom Caution and Toast Warning With Progress Bar

Custom Affirm Exchange Box (ES6 Classes)

Custom Reach Slider

Modular With Commencement Occasion

Website Preloader

Tribute Slider

Tweet Character Count

Snap to Tweet

Install Twitter Course of events

Recipe Application

Item Exhibition With Thumbnail

Picture Exhibition Channel

Card Installment UI/UX

Careful Age Number cruncher

Multistep Structure

Evaluating Area

Stop Watch

Energized Vertical Timetable Venture

Music Player Application

Pseudo AI Venture - Anita

Who this course is for:

Beginner and intermediate level web designers who need to improve their JavaScript abilities.


Ewomazino Akpareva

Web Engineer

  • 4.4 Instructor Rating
  • 948 Reviews
  • 7,440 Students
  • 10 Courses

Hey, I'm zino.

I'm a web engineer who is enthusiastic about instructing and assisting individuals with understanding the center ideas of web development and different innovations.

I understand what it seems like to take a course and still feel a distinction between what you learnt in the course and what is generally anticipated in reality.


To this end I make commonsense courses that depend on what is obtainable out there.

Go along with me in any of my courses and I would absolutely love to be essential for your excursion in tech.

Good health...

Useful Links:

  1. Udemy Course - 100 Days of JavaScript - The official Udemy course link for "100 Days of JavaScript" where you can enroll and access the course.

  2. Ewomazino Akpareva's Udemy Profile - The profile of the course instructor, Ewomazino Akpareva, where you can find more of his courses and teaching credentials.


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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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