Alexunder Hess - The Landing Page Mastery
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Mar 20, 2024

Alexunder Hess - The Landing Page Mastery

15 transformational lessons + the easiest & fastest way to create landing pages that convert

The Landing Page Mastery Includes:

1-Introduction to Landing Pages

What a Landing Page actually is. The purpose of it. How landing pages looked like 150 years ago.

2-Marketing and 3 types of landing pages that drive sales 💸

The place of design in marketing. What is Marketing? Marketing funnel and the place of a landing page in it. Hot and cold traffic.

3-The exact process of creating landing pages

From strategy and vision to the tools I use. You'll learn where exactly to start and what to focus on.

4-How to create a mockup for your digital product in seconds 🎁

Bonus lesson on how to create a Product Box for your digital product in just a few simple steps using Figma.

5-Clients, pricing, communication, value

What people actually want to get when they ask for a landing page. Underdeliver / Overdeliver / Deliver - how to do it right. Communicate your value, take the job out of their plate.

6-7 block structure of a perfect landing page

Copywriting frameworks, Emotions, Logic, Questions. How to build a landing page that actually converts.

7-Research. Business vs Customer

The landing page is always about connecting 2 parties: businesses and their target audience. In this lesson you'll learn what questions to ask both parties to create a high-converting page.

8-Copywriting for non-copywriters

This course is not about copywriting but you should know where to get a good copy for a landing page.

9-Aesthetics or Function?

The goal of a landing page is to convert. Learn the difference between Aesthetic and Functional landing pages.

10-The 8-step landing page design process

Where to start, what to focus on, what to keep in mind. Every single detail of the landing page design process: from analysis to typography, colours to handoff.

11-Course vs SAAS vs Mobile App

Not all landing pages are the same. Learn how to approach different types of products when designing a landing page.

12-The CTA and Trust Signals

Conversions are all about trust. If you can build trust, your landing page conversions will skyrocket. Learn what elements to add to your page and how to use them.

13-Landing page development

Do you know what should be done before developing a landing page? How to develop it without hiring anyone else? You'll learn it all.

14-Testing, metrics, analytics

Landing page is part of the sales funnel. Check it before you launch it, but don't forget about the key metrics.

15-Replay of the Q&A session

You can learn a lot from the questions of other people and the answers to these questions. This 54-minute session will help you close the gaps about high-converting landing pages.

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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