AmigosCode - Javascript Mastery
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Jan 22, 2024

AmigosCode - Javascript Mastery

Hey Amigos 🙋🏽‍♂️

Ready to master JavaScript, the language that powers the web? Step into this comprehensive JavaScript course. JavaScript isn't just another programming language; it's the driving force behind the dynamic, interactive web applications that are a staple of today's digital world. Whether you're an aspiring web developer, a seasoned programmer aiming to diversify your skills, or a tech enthusiast ready to delve into the world of digital innovation, this course is your next step.

This course is designed to give you a deep understanding of JavaScript. It's not just about learning the syntax; it's about understanding how to use JavaScript to solve real-world problems. You'll learn how to build both client-side and server-side applications, using a single language for the entire stack. You'll also get hands-on experience with advanced JavaScript concepts like Promises, Generators, Async Await, and Type Coercion, as well as practical tools like the Node Package Manager, JavaScript Testing, and the basics of Express JS and React JS.

  • Full Stack Development: You'll learn how to build both client-side and server-side applications, using JavaScript for the entire stack. This makes you a versatile developer, capable of handling a wide range of tasks.
  • Advanced Concepts: The course covers advanced JavaScript concepts like Promises, Generators, Async Await, and Type Coercion. These are essential skills for modern web development.
  • Practical Tools: You'll gain hands-on experience with practical tools like the Node Package Manager, JavaScript Testing, and the basics of Express JS and React JS. These tools are widely used in the industry and will be valuable additions to your skillset.
  • Real-World Applications: The course is designed with a focus on real-world applications. You'll work on projects that simulate real-world scenarios, helping you understand how to apply your skills in a practical context.
  • Community Learning: By joining this course, you become part of a global community of developers. You can learn from their experiences, share your own, and grow together.

Who is the Course for?

If you're at the beginning of your web development journey, this course will lay a solid foundation in JavaScript, one of the most essential languages in the field. It's an ideal fit for aspiring web developers aiming to grasp the fundamentals and gain a competitive edge in the job market.

For seasoned programmers who are already familiar with other programming languages, this course offers an opportunity to master JavaScript, thereby expanding your skillset and versatility. Tech enthusiasts who are eager to understand the inner workings of the web, as well as IT professionals looking to upgrade their skills or transition into web development, will find this course particularly beneficial. It's a comprehensive learning experience that caters to a diverse range of needs and skill levels.

JavaScript Mastery

JavaScript is the cornerstone of the internet. With its presence in over 97.9% of the 1.6 billion websites worldwide, it's the most popular language used on the internet. This comprehensive course is designed to help you fully master JavaScript, giving you the confidence to build both server-side and client-side applications. This means you'll be able to handle the entire stack with just one language, a highly sought-after skill in today's full-stack development world.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Advanced JavaScript Language: Dive deep into advanced JavaScript features, including Promises, Generators, Async Await, and Type Coercion.
  • Data Structures: Understand how to organize and store data efficiently using various data structures in JavaScript.
  • Module System: Learn how to write reusable, maintainable code using the module system in JavaScript.
  • Node Package Manager (NPM): Get hands-on experience with NPM, an essential tool for managing JavaScript packages in your projects.
  • JavaScript Testing: Understand the importance of testing in the development process and learn how to ensure your code works as expected.
  • Express JS and React JS: Get a taste of Express JS, a flexible Node.js web application framework, and React JS, a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

Upon completing this course, you'll be more than just a JavaScript user; you'll be a JavaScript pro, ready to take on any challenge in the world of web development.


Your Instructor

Hi, I am Mama Samba Braima AKA Nelson!
Passionate DevOps/Software Engineer and a YouTuber. After graduating from King's College in Computer Science I acquired expertise working as a Java Engineer for companies such as CitiGroup and Starling. Over the years, I discovered my passion for teaching - that's how it all started.
From my Youtube channel to the Amigoscode website and Java Bootcamps in London, I have taught coding to millions of people from around the world and helped them to break into the Software Engineering world.
My mission is to make learning accessible for everybody. Whether you're just starting or have been coding for a while, I want to help you become the best version of yourself and prove to you that anything is possible!

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Hey Guys We are Tech Enthusiasts and we know knowledge is key to success ! We are here to open path to your success by providing what you want. Today education == business. Our moto is education should be accessible by any person who is not able to purchase overpriced content.

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