Build a Medical Booking App without coding using FlutterFlow
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Oct 17, 2023

Build a Medical Booking App without coding using FlutterFlow

Learn to create a Medical Booking App without any coding using FlutterFlow. This comprehensive course covers converting Figma designs, adding CRUD functionality, integrating Stripe payments, implementing chat and video calling features, and web publishing. Perfect for beginners. Instructor: David Orok, Founder of eelspace.


What you'll learn

Convert UiUx plan from Figma into Pages in FlutterFlow utilizing Widgets

Utilize custom functions to execute troublesome highlights in FlutterFlow

Comprehend Firebase and how to involve it for your FlutterFlow project

Web Publishing

Comprehend how to Execute Chatting Functionality

Figure out CRUD (Make Read Update Erase)



No programming abilities need. No earlier nocode abilities required. This course is novice amicable.


In this course, you will figure out how to fabricate a medical booking app that permits clients (patients) to look and find specialists and book appointments with them, pay with Stripe the get on a video call with them either with a connection to research Meet or in-app video call.


The clients can likewise follow their bookings and visit with Specialists.


You will get familiar with the accompanying and substantially more:

The most effective method to change over UiUx plans in Figma into Frontend in FlutterFlow

The most effective method to execute CRUD - Make Read Update Erase - in your FlutterFlow project effortlessly

The most effective method to add a Stripe payment door for getting cash

The most effective method to execute in-app chatting functionality in your venture

The most effective method to execute in-app video calling functionality in your FlutterFlow project

Step by step instructions to set up Firebase rules

Instructions to distribute your app to the web

Instructions to carry out conditional visibility

Instructions to make your app responsive across every mobile gadget


This course is absolutely amateur amicable and you don't have to have earlier knowledge of Nocode development to get everything rolling except you really want to have enough energy and ability to learn and rehearse what is shown in this course and apply them to your own activities.

Who this course is for:

Fledgling to Proficient Mobile App Development without coding utilizing FlutterFlow


David Orok

Pioneer behind eelspace | FlutterFlow Diplomat | Nocoder

4.3 Educator Rating

70 Audits

430 Understudies

4 Courses



It's so good to e-meet you.

I'm the Organizer behind eelspace and Nocode Africa.

I am so energetic about showing entrepreneurs, understudies and entrepreneurs how to construct mobile and web apps without composing codes.


Aside from building virtual products without coding, I'm a tech business visionary with a Bosses in Business Organization. I'm right now concentrating on Expert in Technological Entrepreneurship at Innopolis College.


How about we associate!

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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