Data Science Bundle: 180 Hands-On Projects - Course 1 of 3
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Dec 14, 2023

Data Science Bundle: 180 Hands-On Projects - Course 1 of 3

Unleash your data science mastery in this dynamic course! Learn to build and deploy machine learning, AI, NLP models, and more using Python and web frameworks like Flask and Django . Elevate your projects to the cloud with Heroku, AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Watson, and Streamlit . Get ready to turn data into powerful solutions!

Embark on a dynamic learning experience with our comprehensive course, "Applied Data Science: From Theory to Real-World Impact . " Dive deep into the world of practical machine learning and data-driven projects, where you'll gain the skills to transform theoretical concepts into tangible solutions .

This hands-on program empowers you to tackle complex problems using cutting-edge techniques, guiding you through the entire project lifecycle . From the inception of ideas to data collection, preprocessing, modeling, and deployment, you'll navigate every stage, honing your skills in real-world settings .

Develop proficiency in deploying models across diverse environments, from interactive web applications to critical business systems . Gain insights into the challenges of model deployment and learn to address them effectively . With a strong emphasis on experiential learning, you'll work on actual industry-inspired projects, implementing strategies that yield measurable results .

"Data-Driven Projects" goes beyond the technical aspects, highlighting the integration of data-driven decision-making into various business landscapes . Witness the fusion of data analytics and strategic thinking, driving business impact through informed insights . Whether you're a seasoned data practitioner or a newcomer, this course equips you with the knowledge and confidence to excel in real-world scenarios .

Elevate your data science journey today and become a proficient problem solver, capable of leveraging data for transformative outcomes that make a difference in today's data-rich world .

In This Course, We Are Going To Work On 60 Real World Projects Listed Below:

Project-1: Forecasting Renewable Energy Generation: Time Series and Regression Analysis

Project-2: Predicting Diamond Sales Price with Multiple Regression Methods

Project-3: Ethereum Price Prediction using GRU/LSTMs for Forecasting

Project-4: Detecting Stress Levels from PPG Sensor Data using Neural Networks

Project-5: Classification of Brain Tumors with CNN and OpenCV

Project-6: Age and Gender Prediction from Chest X-Ray Scans using CNN and OpenCV

Project-7: COVID-19 Detection from CT Scans using ResNet, DenseNet, and VGG Models

Project-8: Detecting DeepFakes with ResNet and CNN

Project-9: Automatic Number Plate Recognition using ResNet and CNN

Project-10: Land Segmentation using U-Net Architecture

Project-11: LingoLinx: Unleashing Multilingual Magic - Language Translator App on Heroku

Project-12: AdView Pro: Cracking the Code of Ad View Predictions with IBM Watson on Heroku

Project-13: LappyPricer: Decoding Laptop Prices with Heroku's Predictive Powers

Project-14: TextWise: Unveiling Insights from WhatsApp Text with Heroku's Analytical Arsenal

Project-15: SmartCourse: Guiding Your Academic Journey - Course Recommendation System on Heroku

Project-16: IPL Prophets: Predicting IPL Match Wins with a Touch of Heroku Magic

Project-17: BodyFit: Sculpting Your Body Fat Estimator App on Microsoft Azure

Project-18: CareerPath: Paving the Way to Campus Placement Success on Microsoft Azure

Project-19: AutoCar: Driving the Future of Car Acceptability Prediction on Google Cloud

Project-20: GenreGenius: A Journey into Book Genres with Amazon Web Services

Project-21: DNA Seeker: Unraveling Genetic Clues - E . Coli Classification Adventure on AWS

Project-22: WordWizard: Unleashing Sentence Sorcery - Predicting the Next Word on AWS

Project-23: SeqMaster: Journey into Sequence Prediction - LSTM Adventures on AWS

Project-24: KeywordGenie: Unlocking Textual Treasures - Keyword Extraction using NLP on Azure

Project-25: SpellCheck Plus: Vanishing Typos - Spelling Correction Wizardry on Azure

Project-26: MusicTrends: Dancing with Popularity - Music Popularity Classification on Google App Engine

Project-27: AdClassify: Decoding Advertisements - Advertisement Classification on Google App Engine

Project-28: DigitDetect: Cracking the Code of Image Digits - Image Digit Classification on AWS

Project-29: EmoSense: Delving into Emotions - Emotion Recognition with Neural Networks on AWS

Project-30: CancerGuard: Fighting Against Breast Cancer - Breast Cancer Classification on AWS

Project-31: Unsupervised Clustering of COVID Nucleotide Sequences using K-Means

Project-32: Weed Detection in Soybean Crops using Computer Vision

Project-33: PixelPal: Transforming Images with OpenCV and Tkinter - Image Editor Application

Project-34: BrandQuest: Unveiling Brand Identifications with Tkinter and SQLite - Brand Identification Game

Project-35: TransactionTracker: Monitoring Financial Flows with Tkinter and SQLite - Transaction Application

Project-36: LearnEase: Nurturing Knowledge with Django - Learning Management System

Project-37: NewsWave: Riding the Waves of News - Create A News Portal with Django

Project-38: StudentVerse: Journey into Student Life - Create A Student Portal with Django

Project-39: ProductivityPro: Tracking Progress with Django and Plotly - Productivity Tracker

Project-40: StudyConnect: Forging Study Bonds - Create A Study Group with Django

Power BI Projects:

Project-41: Global Data Professionals Benchmarking Dashboard

Project-42: Beijing Air Quality Dashboard: DAX and Visualizations

Project-43: Real Estate in Daegu: Apartment Pros and Cons Analysis

Project-44: Super Market Sales Analysis: Power Query and DAX

Project-45: COVID-19 WHO Dataset Insights: Power Query and DAX

Project-46: Credit Card Defaulters Analysis: Power Query and DAX

Project-47: Crime in Chicago: 3-Year Analysis with Visualization

Project-48: Customer Churn Analysis: Real-World Business Problem

Project-49: Customer Churn Analysis (Advanced Features): Data Modeling

Project-50: Attrition Analysis: HR Data Transformation and Visualization

Tableau Projects:

Project-51: Revenue Analysis Dashboard: Business Insights and Trends

Project-52: AirBnbs in Seattle: Rental Market Analysis

Project-53: New Year Resolution Tweets: Social Media Analysis

Project-54: Road Accident in the UK: Safety Analysis

Project-55: Ecommerce Sales Dashboard: Sales Optimization

Project-56: Super Store Sales Dashboard: Retail Analysis

Project-57: Credit Card Complaints: Customer Feedback Analysis

Project-58: Data Science Career Dashboard: Job Market Trends

Project-59: Amazon Prime Video Dashboard: Streaming Insights

Project-60: Traffic Collision in Seattle: Safety and Traffic Analysis

Tip: Create A 60 Days Study Plan , Spend 1-3hrs Per Day, Build 60 Projects In 60 Days .

The Only Course You Need To Become A Data Scientist, Get Hired And Start A New Career

Note: This Course Is Worth Of Your Time And Money, Enroll Now Before Offer Expires .

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners in data science

What you'll learn

  • Master the essentials of Machine Learning using Python, the go-to language for Data Science.
  • Acquire the skills needed to deploy Machine Learning models, making them functional in a live environment.
  • Implement popular Machine Learning algorithms from scratch, providing you with a deep understanding of their functionalities.
  • Explore Matplotlib, the Python plotting library, to visualize your data effectively.
  • Learn to build robust Machine Learning models that can withstand real-world uncertainties.
  • Develop a strong intuition for choosing the right Machine Learning models for different tasks.
  • Use SciKit-Learn, the Python library for Machine Learning, to efficiently complete various tasks.
  • Get exposure to Deep Learning, Transfer Learning, and Neural Networks, expanding your skill set.

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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