DevOps Learning Path - KodeKloud (RIP)
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Apr 25, 2023

DevOps Learning Path - KodeKloud (RIP)

Learn DevOps with KodeKloud's comprehensive learning path, covering essential topics such as infrastructure automation, security, and monitoring. Get career ready with our courses on popular DevOps tools and gain valuable experience. Sign up now!

In the event that you're another engineer, KodeKloud can give you the moves toward learn DevOps. Through our DevOps learning way, you can find out about infrastructure automation, lean and agile transformation, security, monitoring, and other fundamental DevOps basics.

Take your DevOps excursion to the following stage with our DevSecOps course.

Courses Included 

  • 12 Factor App
  • DevOps Pre-Requisite Course
  • GIT for Beginners
  • Learning Linux Basics Course & Labs
  • Shell Scripts for Beginners
  • Docker Training Course for the Absolute Beginner
  • Golang
  • Jenkins
  • Kubernetes for the Absolute Beginners – Hands-on Tutorial
  • Learn Ansible Basics – Beginners Course
  • Terraform Basics Training Course
  • Certified Python Entry-Level Programmer: PCEP-30-02
  • Chef for the Absolute Beginners
  • DevSecOps – Kubernetes DevOps & Security
  • Puppet for the Absolute Beginners Course
  • DevOps Interview Preparation Course


Stage 1


Start your excursion in DevOps and Distributed computing by getting your basics right. These courses assist you with clearing your basics in Linux, systems administration, applications, and fabricate and deliver techniques.



3 Illustrations

12 Factor App


12 Illustrations

DevOps Pre-Essential Course


7 Illustrations

GIT for Novices


10 Illustrations

Learning Linux Basics Course and Labs


6 Illustrations

Shell Scripts for Novices


Stage 2


Begin your DevOps venture by learning the basics of famous DevOps instruments, reasonable situations, and practice labs.



11 Illustrations

Docker Instructional class for the Outright Novice


8 Illustrations



11 Illustrations



11 Illustrations

Kubernetes for the Outright Novices - Hands-on Instructional exercise


5 Illustrations

Learn Ansible Basics - Fledglings Course


13 Illustrations

Terraform Basics Instructional class


Stage 3


Get familiar with the basics of the most famous DevOps instruments.



11 Illustrations

Affirmed Python Section Level Developer: PCEP-30-02


3 Illustrations

Chef for the Outright Fledglings


6 Illustrations

DevSecOps - Kubernetes DevOps and Security


4 Illustrations

Puppet for the Outright Novices Course

Stage 4

Prepare Profession!

Plan for your DevOps interview or gain significant experience by joining to KodeKloud Specialist.



14 Illustrations

DevOps Interview Preparation Course


Useful links:

  1. KodeKloud website:
  2. DevOps learning path on KodeKloud:
  3. 12 Factor App course:
  4. GIT for Beginners course:
  5. Docker Training Course for the Absolute Beginner:
  6. Jenkins course:
  7. Kubernetes for the Absolute Beginners - Hands-on Tutorial:
  8. Learn Ansible Basics - Beginners Course:
  9. Terraform Basics Training Course:
  10. Certified Python Entry-Level Programmer: PCEP-30-02:
  11. Chef for the Absolute Beginners:
  12. DevSecOps - Kubernetes DevOps & Security:
  13. Puppet for the Absolute Beginners Course:
  14. DevOps Interview Preparation Course:

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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