Dynamics Animation in Cinema 4D - Motiondesign School
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

May 27, 2024

Dynamics Animation in Cinema 4D - Motiondesign School

What is this dynamics animation course about?

Everyone as a kid was fascinated by crash test footage and those poor crash test dummies. Well, now you can inflict misery on crash dummies of your very own!

This class will guide you through rigging a dynamic ragdoll in Cinema4D and advanced tips for setting up the car too, so that it has a very accurate (and breakable!) rigid body structure. You will also learn how to optimize your dynamic scene so the dynamic simulations are reliable and realistic, without any glitches.

Another fundamental part of the masterclass is setting up a repeatable scene, without compromising the randomness of the dynamic collisions, the video will seamlessly loop. You will also use After Effects to very simply help achieve this. These animations are perfect for engaging Instagram videos and gifs.

What will I learn?


Animation Breakdown

Learn the fundamental elements that go into creating a looping animation that features dynamic collisions, from setup through to render and comping.


Rigging a dynamic rag doll

This lesson is a dummies’ guide to making a dummy! Learn advanced techniques needed to create a ragdoll with Cinema 4D’s rigid body dynamic system.


Rigging breakable cars

Here you will create a dynamic proxy for the structure of the car which will also make use of connectors and feature breakable parts.


Setting up the crashing scene

This is where the fun begins! You’ve already spent time carefully making these cars, now you will make them break! In this lesson, you will set up the crashes and match the timings of these to a continuous camera move.


Finishing touches

Onto lighting and rendering. Certain techniques are needed when lighting and rendering the scene in order to make it loop more seamlessly.


Make it Loop!

Now you will comp the render in After Effects to complete the infinite, seamless loop effect.

  • Learn fundamentals of rigid body
  • Start your first dynamics in Cinema 4D
  • Learn advanced techniques

About the author

Michael Marczewski

British freelance animator director in London. Since leaving world-renowned design studio ManvsMachine, Michael has gone on to carve out a name for himself creating animations that mix sharp design and satisfying animation with his trademark dark humor.

Comedy is the driving force behind Michael’s commercial projects and short films. Both are often rendered in a colorful, sweet-looking style that he often subverts with moments of violence. As well as creating short films, which have regularly been picked for Vimeo Staff picks, Michael also creates many series of short, punchy animations for Instagram.

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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