Flutter Animations Masterclass ( CODE WITH ANDREA )
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Oct 20, 2022

Flutter Animations Masterclass ( CODE WITH ANDREA )

Master Flutter animations and figure out how to make apps that stick out, very much like this one:

This project is enlivened by the Streaks application - one of the top wellbeing and Wellness apps on the Application Store (and furthermore an Apple Configuration Grant champ).

This application joins an exceptionally slick UI with custom animations to make an interesting client experience.

Also, guess what? With Flutter you can genuinely build lovely UIs, and my goal for this course is to show you how. I'll show you how to build a lovely application with complex animations, production-level code and a solid spotlight on architecture.

Also, substantially more...

Custom animations are perfect. In any case, genuine apps are made of something other than UI.

So we will likewise find out about application architecture, local data persistence, state management, and how to compose viable code following prescribed procedures.

You won't find out about animations in separation. Rather you'll perceive the way everything fits together to make a genuine application.

Learn. Practice. Apply.

  • Every module has a particular goal and is made out of three sections:
  • Every module has a particular goal and is made out of three sections:

Starter Project

Toward the start of every module I'll walk you through a starter project that incorporates all the code, resources and resources that we'll utilize.

Technical Planning

Prior to plunging into the code, we'll attempt to sort out the most effective way to build the elements that we really want (very much like proficient programming developers do).


I'll guide you through an ideal implementation that I've refined in the wake of attempting various arrangements and assessing their tradeoffs.

I'll likewise incorporate a few additional challenges that you can take to rehearse what you realize.

En route, you will find out about the best techniques for tackling different movement issues (and accept me, we'll experience numerous UI and activity challenges).

This isn't the sort of course where you simply watch me composing in some code. All things being equal, I will continuously make sense of what we will build and why, and afterward how.

Toward the finish of the course, you'll be sure working with animations in Flutter and you'll have a finished project to show for it.

Who is this course for?

This isn't a novices course.

To capitalize on this, you really want to have a decent understanding of the Dart Language (my Total Dart Course can assist with that). I'll accept that you're now acquainted with StatelessWidgets and StatefulWidgets, normal layouts (Row, Column, Stack), and the groundworks of state management in Flutter.

In any case, it's alright assuming you're totally new to animations in Flutter. I will make sense of how animations work from the beginning, and incorporate extra resources that you can use to fill any holes.

In the event that you are a Flutter developer hoping to build lovely apps and take your abilities to a higher level, this course is for you. Furthermore, this is worth very much more than the cost of affirmation.

I went through more than 300 hours making this an excellent course and I'm certain you'll receive a great deal of significant worth in return.

Yet, on the off chance that you're not content with it, under any condition, you can connect within 30 days of procurement to have the money in question returned.


Hi, I'm Andrea

I am Andrea, I'm a Flutter GDE and I've been composing code professionally for more than 12 years. I've been a mobile application developer beginning around 2012, working for new businesses and large organizations.

With my Flutter instructional exercises and courses, I've assisted a large number of understudies with turning out to be better developers.

By taking this course, you'll put resources into yourself and quick track your learning.

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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