Flutter Firebase - The Full Course ( Fireship.io )
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Dec 14, 2022

Flutter Firebase - The Full Course ( Fireship.io )

Flutter Firebase - The Full Course

will take you from zero to a mind boggling creation prepared iOS or Android application utilizing certifiable cloud foundation.




⚡ What will I assemble?

This is an undertaking based course that will show you how to fabricate a different decision test application, motivated by applications like Duolingo and QuizUp. The application executes client validation (Sign in with Google or Apple), tracks test progress in Firestore, utilizes dynamic activitys, and divides information among screens.

A test was picked in light of the fact that it furnishes a moderate measure of intricacy with a lot of assortment between learning ideas. My main goal is to show non-paltry ideas without getting stalled into redundant or exhausting undertakings.


🕊️ What will I Learn?

👨‍ğŸŽ¤ Fabricate a total Flutter application with Firebase

🐣 Ace the most widely recognized Flutter UI gadgets

🔏 Client Authentication (Apple, Google, Anonymous)

⚒️ State Management with Provider

🔥 Model social Firestore information

ğŸŽ­ Activity for realtime information streams

⚓ Put together enormous Flutter projects

🤖 Convert Firestore information to Dart Classes with JSON Serializable

🦺 Invalid security

🚀 Convey to the Apple App Store and Google Play


🤔 Is this Course Right for Me?

This course is middle level and intended to assist you with turning into a useful full-stack Flutter application designer. It accepts you have some essential information on programming, preferably in a language like JavaScript, C#, or Java. It is high speed and like my style on YouTube, yet undeniably more inside and out and extensive.

Assuming you're new to programming consider going through the Dart Language Course first.

🚀 Test Drive

You can download the application we're expanding on Google Play or the App Store, so give it a test drive before you select.



Free Download 😀

Zip/rar files password can be one of these :- FreeCourseUniverse / CheapUniverse
Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Hey Guys We are Tech Enthusiasts and we know knowledge is key to success ! We are here to open path to your success by providing what you want. Today education == business. Our moto is education should be accessible by any person who is not able to purchase overpriced content.

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