Full Stack Open Source Cohort 2023 ( Harkirat Singh )
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Sep 28, 2023

Full Stack Open Source Cohort 2023 ( Harkirat Singh )

Join the Full Stack Open Source Cohort 2023 led by Harkirat Singh to learn the MERN stack in-depth and make real contributions to a thriving open source project. Dive into JavaScript and TypeScript, understand mono repos, and gain insights into open source ethics. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your skills and contribute to a project that's raised over $10 million.

Advance by doing open source contributions

The course is driven by Harkirat Singh where we go through an extreme 8-10 weeks of learning the MERN stack top to bottom, and adding to one major codebase, understanding it in profundities and the overall ethics while adding to an open source codebase.


Program Description

The program is partitioned into 4 sections -

Understanding the MERN stack inside and out - The initial segment of the course takes you through the essentials and fundamentals of the MERN stack.

Moving from Javascript to Typescript - Ensuring you at no point ever use JS in the future in your life, and everything your code is written in TS.

Understanding Mono repos - Understanding how certifiable applications are organized, how code is divided among frontend and backend.

Adding to open source - Adding to one certifiable open source project. This undertaking has raised more than $10 Mn, has a great deal of movement on their Github and is a genuine business. We'll separate the venture into more modest subsets and adding to them freely. At long last we'll be adding to the fundamental task.


Fee separation

Prompt riser cost of 5999/$75


Name of the coordinator

Harkirat Singh



What will be the language of correspondence


What will be the timings of the classes

Live classes will occur on Saturday and Sunday 7PM IST onwards

Consider the possibility that I miss a class

You will get a recording after the class closes, despite the fact that we emphatically recommend you go to the class

How long will the cohort be

The cohort would be 10 weeks yet may expand in view of the speed of the course

Will I approach the course after it closes

You will have lifetime access to tasks.

You will approach the recordings for 1 year

When does the course begin?

The course begins on ninth of June.


To get ready for this course, kindly watch the video at this connection: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6NZfCO5SIk . Ensure you grasp this video. Capabilities, objects, factors in Javascript. We will recap this in week 0 yet solid idea for you to finish this. This is the Main pre-imperative.

What number of sessions can be signed in simultaneously?

You can sign in with a limit of 2 sessions at the same time.

Will this course just spotlight on open source contributions or additionally cover learning the MERN stack?

This course covers both open source contributions and learning the MERN stack.

The MERN stack will be educated from the fundamentals. In address 0, we will survey JavaScript ideas.

Full Stack Open Source Cohort 2023 ( Harkirat Singh )

Useful Links:

  1. Harkirat Singh's Profile
  2. MERN Stack Guide
  3. Open Source Contribution Ethics
  4. Course Schedule and Fees
  5. Javascript and TypeScript Fundamentals



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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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