HLD - High Level System Design ( Keerti Purswani )
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Dec 08, 2023

HLD - High Level System Design ( Keerti Purswani )

Welcome to the breakdown of the week-by-week curriculum for the High Level System Design course by Keerti Purswani. This program aims to provide an extensive understanding of system design principles and practices. Let's dive into the detailed breakdown of each week:

Week 1: Foundations of Client-Server Protocols and Network Fundamentals

  • Understanding Client-Server Protocol
  • Exploring Network Protocols
  • Introduction to Stone Monument and Microservices
  • Websockets and their Applications
  • SSEs (Server-Sent Events)
  • Introduction to gRPC

Week 2: Performance Metrics and System Fundamentals

  • Exploring Latency, Throughput, and Consistency
  • Availability and the CAP Theorem
  • Coordinated vs. Nonconcurrent Systems
  • Introduction to PubSub (Kafka, RabbitMQ)
  • Understanding Proxies, Load Balancers, and Caching
  • Administration Steering in Distributed Systems

Week 3: Data Management and Storage Systems

  • Overview of Data Storage: SQL, NoSQL
  • Understanding Specific Storage Standards
  • Database Migration Techniques
  • Insights into Indexing, Replication, and Sharding
  • Exploring Consistent Hashing
  • Vertical and Horizontal Scaling in Databases

Week 4: System Resilience and Maintenance

  • Capacity Estimation and Scaling
  • Setup Strategies for Surveying and Streaming
  • Rate Restriction Mechanisms
  • Paging, Sifting, and Resiliency Approaches
  • Adapting to Non-Critical Failures
  • Logging, Monitoring, and API Design
  • Security Measures in System Design

Week 5: Practical Application and Interview Preparation

  • End-to-End System Example Walkthrough
  • Tips and Guidance for Interview Preparation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Will there be recordings of the classes?

  • Yes, all classes will be recorded with lifetime access for revision or attendance in subsequent live sessions.

2. What are the course requirements?

  • A reliable internet connection and a passion for learning.

3. Are there demos of various tech used in the industry?

  • Absolutely, around 10 demos featuring various technologies like Kafka, Redis, MongoDB, etc., are included.

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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