JavaScript Web Projects: 20 Projects to Build Your Portfolio
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Harry Potter

Nov 27, 2022

JavaScript Web Projects: 20 Projects to Build Your Portfolio

Modern HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to build Responsive and Dynamic projects for your fantasy portfolio and resume!


What you'll learn

  • 20 projects with unadulterated JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 with all code gave
  • Go from an all out novice to a certain JavaScript developer
  • Learn UI/UX practices to build responsive and portable first web applications
  • Asynchronous programming with AJAX, Fetch API, Promises and Async + Await
  • Compose perfect, viable and performant Javascript code
  • Work with Web APIs (localStorage, DOM, + more)
  • Current HTML5 (Canvas, Video, Audio + more)
  • Current CSS3 (Animations, Transitions, Variables + more)
  • Keep away from normal slip-ups other Javascript developers and amateurs make
  • Build 20 delightful and adjustable, genuine world frontend applications


  • Just an essential comprehension of HTML and CSS and JavaScript
  • Any PC and operating system will work — Windows, Macintosh or Linux.


Just refreshed with all advanced highlights of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript! Join a live web-based local area of over 900,000+ developers and a course educated by industry specialists that have really worked both in Silicon Valley and Toronto with JavaScript!


This course is centered around effectiveness and getting you employed by building your fantasy portfolio so you can find a new line of work or work as a consultant. Never invest energy on confounding, obsolete, fragmented instructional exercises any longer! Alumni of Andrei's courses are currently working at Google, Tesla, Amazon, Apple, IBM, JP Morgan, Facebook, + other top tech organizations (truly, google this to check a few tributes).

Whether you need to turn into a consultant, get employed, or to simply propel your vocation, this spic and span course will make you stride by step through 20 JavaScript projects that you will actually want to customize and put on your portfolio immediately. En route, you will learn to build projects utilizing HTML, CSS and JavaScript and genuinely build your skills as a JavaScript developer.


Whether you need to one day learn React, Angular, Vue JS, Node.js, Svelte, or some other toolchain of a cutting edge developer, toward the day's end, JavaScript essentials are critical, and learning JavaScript is a venture that will take care of numerous years into what's in store. By setting your JavaScript information and having the option to build thing without props like libraries and frameworks, you will future evidence yourself.


Here is the fact of the matter: It's not difficult to track down JavaScript projects to deal with on the web. You can reorder code. You can watch YouTube videos. That is straightforward (and free). This course is different in that not just de we have current projects utilizing the most recent highlights of JavaScript, and browser APIs, yet we likewise do a Code Survey of each task. After we build a website, we go through the code and discuss how we can work on the code, how to work on the security, or work on the exhibition of your projects.


It resembles having a senior developer at last show you what great code implies, what are the normal slip-ups novices make, and how to compose viable code.


All code will be given to you, and regardless of whether you like to code along, you will gain admittance to the code for the projects to put them on your portfolio immediately.


So the thing would we say we are building? Prepare for this:

Spock Rock Game - Confetti.js, Modules

Quote Generator - Fetch, Async/Await, Statement API, CORS

Picture-in-Picture - Picture-in-Picture API, Screen Catch API

Bookmarks Application - DOM, localStorage

NASA APOD - Fetch, Async/Await, NASA API, DOM, localStorage

Vivified Route - CSS Animations

Endless Parchment - Fetch, Async/Await, Unsplash API, DOM, Parchment Occasion Audience

Commencement Application - Date, localStorage

Music Player - HTML 5 Audio API

Mini-computer - Math Strategies

Sprinkle Page - DOM Fundamentals

Light/Dull Mode - DOM, localStorage

Structure Approval - DOM, Structures

Joke Teller - Fetch, Async/Await, Joke API, Text-to-Discourse

Video Player - HTML 5 Video API

MS Paint Clone - High level HTML Canvas, localStorage

Pong Clone - High level HTML Canvas

Math Run Game - SetInterval, DOM, Cluster Techniques, localStorage

Vivified Layout - Format, AOS.js

Simplified - Intuitive API, localStorage

We will utilize present day ES6,ES7,ES8,ES9,ES10 elements to dominate JavaScript! Consider this an all out JavaScript bootcamp to get you from a fledgling to a certain software engineer! additionally, we likewise cover normal UI/UX practices to ensure we have great plans and our projects are versatile.


The course isn't tied in with making you simply code along without understanding the standards so that when you are finished with the course you don't have the foggiest idea what to do other than watch another instructional exercise. No! This course will push you and challenge you to go from a flat out fledgling in JavaScript to somebody that can build projects all alone.


So the best chance to start? It's Today! By venturing out the present moment, you are that a lot nearer to fostering the skills that draw you employed and nearer to your fantasy profession.


See you inside the course :)


Taught By:

Andrei Neagoie is the educator of the greatest appraised Improvement seminars on Udemy as well as one of the quickest developing. His alumni have continued on toward work for the absolute greatest tech organizations all over the planet like Apple, Google, Amazon, JP Morgan, IBM, UNIQLO and so on... He has been functioning as a senior programming developer in Silicon Valley and Toronto for a long time, and is currently taking all that he has learned, to show programming skills and to assist you with finding the astonishing profession potential open doors that being a developer permits throughout everyday life.

Having been a self educated software engineer, he comprehends that there is a staggering number of online courses, instructional exercises and books that are excessively verbose and deficient at showing legitimate skills. The vast majority feel deadened and don't have any idea where to begin while learning a complicated topic, or much more terrible, a great many people don't have $20,000 to spend on a coding bootcamp. Programming skills ought to be reasonable and open to all. Training material ought to show genuine skills that are current and they shouldn't burn through an understudy's significant time. Having learned significant examples from working for Fortune 500 organizations, tech new companies, to establishing his own business, he is presently committing 100 percent of his chance to training others important programming advancement skills to assume command over their life and work in an astonishing industry with endless conceivable outcomes.

Andrei promises you that there could be no different courses out there as thorough and also made sense of. He trusts that to learn anything of significant worth, you want to begin with the establishment and foster the underlying foundations of the tree. Just from that point can you learn ideas and explicit skills(leaves) that associate with the establishment. Learning becomes outstanding when organized along these lines.

Taking his involvement with instructive brain science and coding, Andrei's courses will take you on a comprehension of perplexing subjects that you never suspected would be conceivable.



Jacinto is a Senior Developer with the Canadian Telecom Company with a different foundation, including 5 years experience as an educator in Canada and South Korea. He has had an energy for innovation from an extremely youthful age, which drove him to build his most memorable PC at age 12 and begin utilizing plan programming at 16. As an educator for the Zero To Dominance Foundation, Jacinto joins these imaginative and decisive reasoning skills to make top notch projects that will enhance understudy's portfolios and kick off their vocations in web improvement.

Beginning learning something new can be testing and there are so many assets accessible that it very well may overpower. Jacinto figures out that for some, bootcamps and post-auxiliary instruction are excessively tedious or costly for some to consider. In light of that, he gives his all to make the greatest courses that are economical and amateur amicable.

As a self-trained developer, Jacinto began without any preparation and sufficiently learned to get a Senior Developer work after just 4 months managing on the web courses. He realizes it is feasible to redesign your skills and switch professions without investing extreme energy or cash. He was unable to be more joyful to be in this thrilling and developing industry and plans to give understudies a similar open door.


See you inside the courses!

Who this course is for:

  • Any individual who feels like they can't build JavaScript projects all alone
  • Any individual who needs to turn into a web developer, switch professions, or independent as a JavaScript developer.
  • New or junior developers who need to learn present day JavaScript
  • Software engineers who need to learn frontend web improvement
  • Anybody that requirements to add more projects to their portfolio or resume
  • Developers who know the nuts and bolts of JavaScript and need to extend their insight


Featured Review

  • Mahesh P.
  • 85 courses
  • 4 audits
  • Rating: 5.0 out of a long time back

I love writing computer programs, it's like enchantment for me. I have taken a couple of courses of ZTM. Furthermore, I love the inventiveness of bringing out previously unheard-of things which really characterizes programming as a sorcery. Andrei assists inside and out he with canning so an individual can have a superior future, find support and make him/her expert.

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Harry Potter

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