Let's Build Startup for Remote Drone Operations, 4G & Video
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Nov 23, 2023

Let's Build Startup for Remote Drone Operations, 4G & Video

In this course we are going to build a Cloud Application for Remote Drone Control Operations.


Guys, please do not buy this course!! It is very outdated in terms of initial libraries and packages installations. I am working to make an update to it, but if you go ahead and buy it it will take a significant effort on your side to find and install replacements and I do not want you to have bad experience and then hate this app development course in the rating section. Cheers


We are going to code it from the grounds up - line by line - from 0 to the complete working solution.

This application will allow you by using only a web page to have a complete control of each of the drones, that could be assembled for any purpose - from a security missions to a delivery of pizza in miles of radius with range limit set only by a capacity of the battery.

Just imagine how cool and powerful such a thing really is:

  • all of the time, on the web page you will be receiving very low latency live video stream from all of the drones,

  •   you will be able to share video link with anyone anywhere in the world,

  •   you will be seeing all of the drones on the interactive map,

  •   you will have full manual control of each of your custom build DIY Drone

  •   you will be able to control it from anywhere in the world,

  •   and you will be able at any time to setup and activate missions on any of those drones while they are flying.

So by the end of this course, you will not only learn a very useful skills in Java, Python and JavaScript, but most importantly, you will see how all these technologies could work together as one coherent distributed application that could easily have a real world usage.

You could adjust it to serve as a base for your own drone startup idea!

So to sum it up:

  •   we will use Java to build a single file easy to deploy backend of our cloud platform that will manage drone connections

  •   we will use Python to build application that runs on Raspberry Pi and controls the drone itself

  •   we will use JavaScript to write a single page application for our interactive user interface

  • and we will make all those applications work together as a single cloud platform for remote drone operations

Who this course is for:

  • Developers interested to develop cloud application for remote 4G/5G drone control
  • Developer interested how to stream low latency video from a Raspberry Pi (many) to a Web Page
  • Drone enthusiast who with to build something custom for their remote drone control usage
  • Developers who enjoy expanding their horizons
  • Anyone who has an idea for complex 4G drone application but needs a solid starting point from which to build upon

What you'll learn

  • Build Low Latency Cloud App to Operate DIY Drones From Anywhere in the World
  • Connecting Multiple Python Applications to a Single Remote Java App
  • Low Latency Video Streaming from Raspberry Pi to a Web Page
  • Use Protobuf in Network Communication between Java and Python Applications
  • How to Control Simultaneously Many DIY Drones From a Single Web Page
  • Real Time Data Visualization From the Drones on the Interactive Map
  • Multithreading Application Design in Java
  • Distributed Application Design
  • Python Dronekit Library for MavLink Communication with Autopilot
  • How to Control Drone with Python Application running on a Raspberry Pi
  • Managing Data Concurrently from Many Python Applications
  • How to Have Many Active Video Streams on a Single Web Page
  • How to Build Single Page JavaScript Application only with JQuery
  • Using Google Maps API to Setup and Read Mission Data From a User
  • Use Spring Boot MVC to build Application For 4G Drone Control
  • Multithreading Application Design in Python
  • What are Design Requirements for a Cheap DIY 4G Drone


  • Basic experience with Java, Python, JavaScript
  • Understanding how to setup and configure Raspberry Pi
  • Any practical experience with Pixhawk flight controller and how it connects to Raspberry Pi would be useful

Free Download 😀

Zip/rar files password can be one of these :- FreeCourseUniverse / CheapUniverse
Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Hey Guys We are Tech Enthusiasts and we know knowledge is key to success ! We are here to open path to your success by providing what you want. Today education == business. Our moto is education should be accessible by any person who is not able to purchase overpriced content.

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