LinkedIn - PostgreSQL Essential Training
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Harry Potter

Jan 25, 2024

LinkedIn - PostgreSQL Essential Training


Learn how to set up and work with PostgreSQL, one of the world’s most popular open-source database platforms. Learn how to build a database, retrieve data with queries, and more.
PostgreSQL is trusted with mission critical information by some of the biggest companies in the world. It’s also highly flexible, which makes it a great choice for data science researchers, educators, nonprofit organizations, and businesses of all sizes. In this course, Adam Wilbert, who has spent the last decade helping people take their first steps in the world of relational databases, introduces you to PostgreSQL. Adam demonstrates how to set up your own server and create a customized relational database. He shows you the features of PostgreSQL that protect your data from unauthorized access, ensure that it’s accurate, and simplify the process of querying information so that you can make actionable decisions. PostgreSQL is a powerful, robust platform. Get started learning how it works!


  • Manage relational data with PostgreSQL
  • Using the exercise files
1. Getting Started with PostgreSQL
  • What is PostgreSQL?
  • Download and install PostgreSQL
  • Connect to the server with psql
  • Browse the server with a graphical interface
  • Create objects with pgAdmin
  • Challenge: Create a table
  • Solution: Create a table
2. An Introduction to Relational Databases
  • The structure of a database table
  • PostgreSQL native data types
  • Join tables together with relationships
3. Building a Database
  • Organize tables with schemas
  • Create a table with pgAdmin
  • Link primary and foreign keys
  • Enforce referential integrity on related records
  • Challenge: Execute a command on the Postgres server
  • Solution: Execute a command on the Postgres server
4. Retrieve Information with Queries
  • Import data from a CSV
  • Retrieve information with a SELECT query
  • Helpful pgAdmin Query Tool interface elements
  • Join tables for additional information
  • Save a query as a database view
  • Challenge: Import data and write queries
  • Solution: Import data and write queries
5. Managing Data
  • Add indexes to a table
  • Automatically fill in default values
  • Constrain acceptable input values
  • Challenge: Add data constraints
  • Solution: Add data constraints
6. Database Administration in PostgreSQL
  • User accounts and roles
  • Grant privileges to a role
  • Back up and restore a database
  • Start and stop the server
  • Additional resources


Adam Wilbert
Data Visualization Expert

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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