Machine Learning System Design Interview ( Byte Byte Go )
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Oct 10, 2023

Machine Learning System Design Interview ( Byte Byte Go )

Master machine learning system design interviews with Byte Byte Go's comprehensive course. Learn from experts Ali Aminian and Alex Xu, and gain insights into ML system design with real interview questions and solutions.



  • A 7-step framework for solving any ML system design interview questions.
  • An insider’s take on what interviewers really look for and why.
  • 10 real ML system design interview questions with detailed solutions.
  • 211 diagrams that visually explain how various systems work.




  • 01Introduction and Overview
  • 02Visual Search System
  • 03Google Street View Blurring System
  • 04YouTube Video Search
  • 05Harmful Content Detection
  • 06Video Recommendation System
  • 07Event Recommendation System
  • 08Ad Click Prediction on Social Platforms
  • 09Similar Listings on Vacation Rental Platforms
  • 10Personalized News Feed
  • 11People You May Know

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Ali AminianStaff Engineer at Adobe, Ex-Google

Ali Aminian is a staff machine learning engineer at Adobe, with expertise in machine learning and large-scale distributed systems. He previously worked at Google, where he helped build and deploy machine learning systems at scale. Besides his work at Adobe, he enjoys teaching machine learning to students and professionals.


Alex XuFounder of ByteByteGo, Ex-Twitter

Alex Xu is the CEO and founder of ByteByteGo. His book, System Design Interview - An Insider’s Guide, is an Amazon bestseller, which has been translated into six languages. He has worked at Twitter, Apple, and Zynga.

Useful Links:

  1. Ali Aminian - LinkedIn
  2. Alex Xu - LinkedIn


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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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