MERN Invoice Web App with Docker,NGINX and ReduxToolkit
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Jul 04, 2023

MERN Invoice Web App with Docker,NGINX and ReduxToolkit

Build a functional MERN Project with Docker, React, ReduxToolkit, NGINX, Express, and more. Learn modern Redux using ReduxToolkit and ReduxToolkit Query. Use Docker Compose to run multiple containers. Implement NGINX reverse proxy for load balancing and reverse proxying. Explore token-based authentication with refresh token rotation and social authentication with Google. Learn custom logging using Morgan and Winston, email sending with Mailhog and Mailgun, image upload with Cloudinary, serving the MERN web app securely with HTTPS and SSL. Configure Ubuntu server for production and manage containers using Portainer and NGINX Proxy Manager. Suitable for intermediate developers with relevant JavaScript, Node.js, React, and Redux experience.

  • What you'll learn

    • Modern Redux with ReduxToolkit and ReduxToolkit Query
    • Running various Docker compartments utilizing Docker Compose
    • Load adjusting and reverse proxying utilizing NGINX inside a Docker Compartment
    • Token based authentication with reuse location and refresh token revolution
    • Social Authentication with Google
    • Custom Logging in NodeJS with Morgan and Winston
    • Email sending with Mailhog for improvement and Mailgun for creation
    • Instructions to arrangement and use Cloudinary for Image upload
    • Instructions to serve a MERN web application safely utilizing HTTPS and SSL
    • Ubuntu server config for creation
    • The most effective method to arrangement and use Portainer to oversee holders in a creation climate
    • Step by step instructions to arrangement and client NGINX proxy manager inside a creation climate


    • This course isn't so much for novices. You should have somewhere around 1 year of Significant javascript experience ideally on the MERN Stack
    • Node js with Express Basics
    • Docker and containerization basics
    • React JS Basics
    • Redux fundamental concepts like activities, reducers,store and so forth
    • React UI systems and how they work. Explicitly You should have a few basics of Material UI, since this is what we will utilize.
    • ReduxToolkit basics. It's currently official that the prescribed method for building redux applications is using Redux tool compartment. Have some fundamental information on this.
    • Git and Github.
    • NGINX basics and how servers work.
    • HTTP vis-a-compete HTTPS and SSL Certificates.
    • You ought to likewise have a PC running either MacOS or linux(preferably). In the event that you are on windows, where conceivable I will give windows workarounds, however I have not completely tried this on windows.
    • Kindly guarantee that your machine is sufficiently strong to run docker, as we will utilize docker both being developed and underway.


    Howdy, welcome to this seminar on building a practical fullstack MERN application, that can be utilized for generating solicitations, citations and receipts.

    We will build this application, bit by bit, by utilizing devices and innovations, for example, Docker, NGINX, NGINX Proxy manager, Makefiles,Portainer, shell scripts, MongoDB, Express, ReduxToolkit and Redux Tool stash query, likewise called RTK-Query.

    You will likewise learn how to serve your application on a custom space name, and serve it safely over HTTPS with SSL Certificates from letsencrypt.

    This course isn't so much for outright fledglings. It is focused on those with somewhere around 1 year of significant Fullstack Javascript experience. Having earlier openness to the MERN Stack will be worthwhile.


    This application was built by one person(myself), so obviously, not a single one of us is great. You could find bugs to a great extent , or see approaches to working on the codebase. Benevolent, on the off chance that you can fix any bugs you come across,or see approaches to working on the codebase, kindly raise a PR on the repo.

    I will audit and converge in the progressions to support the wide range of various learners of this course.

    Who am I? I'm Alpha Ogilo, a self-trained full-stack programming designer, presently filling in as a Senior Programming Manager.

    My Expectation is that you will acquire gigantic worth from this.


    Who this course is for:

    This course isn't so much for outright novices. It is focused on those with something like 1 year of pertinent FullStack Javascript experience. Having earlier openness to the MERN Stack will be favorable.



    Alpha Omondi Ogilo

    Self trained Full-Stack Programming designer

    • 4.8 Educator Rating
    • 120 Reviews
    • 1,104 Students
    • 2 Courses

    Hey, I'm Alpha Ogilo, a self educated FullStack Programmer enthusiastically for mentorship and instructing of PC programming standards. I have a preference for Python and JavaScript and its systems. Docker is likewise one of my number one instruments. Later on plan to learn a lot more innovations/devices and offer what I have learnt.

    I presently work All day as a Senior Programming Manager and in my leisure time likewise began making youtube instructional exercises

    4.8 course rating 7 reviews

    Aliyu A.

    Rating: 4.0 out of 5 a month prior


    The Educator takes excessively lengthy to answer messages/questions inquired.


    Itamar T.

    Rating: 5.0 out of 5 2 months prior


    Without a doubt it isn't so much for fledglings however with some fundamental information it will make your day.I am extremely eager to see different segments.


    Nyarwaya Shalom D.

    Rating: 4.5 out of 5 3 months prior



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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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