MERN Stack Course 2023 - MongoDB, Express, React and NodeJS
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Feb 17, 2023

MERN Stack Course 2023 - MongoDB, Express, React and NodeJS

If you're looking to learn how to build a full stack application from scratch using MongoDB, Express, React and NodeJS, then this MERN Stack course is for you. During the course, you'll gain the skills and knowledge to connect your front-end application (React) with your back-end application (Express, MongoDB, NodeJS), and implement JWT for authentication and authorization. You'll also learn best practices of Front-End and Server applications and how to deploy your MERN app on Heroku.

What you'll learn

  • Build big full stack app from scratch
  • Connect Front-End application (React) with Backend application (Express, MongoDB, NodeJS)
  • Implement JWT for authentication and authorization
  • Implement React Hooks, Async/Await, React Router 6, Axios
  • Implement ES6 in Node
  • Deploy MERN app on Heroku
  • Best practices of Front-End and Server applications

Requirements To take this course, you should have a good grasp of Javascript, solid understanding of ES6, React basics, and Node and Express basics.

What's in this course? In this course, you'll create a front-end application from scratch (React), and add normalize.css and global styles to your React Application. You'll build a bunch of nice looking pages such as Landing, Error, Register, Dashboard, etc., and set up nice looking images. You'll set up routing using React Router 6, create a global context using createContext and utilize useContext hook, and set up a global state using useReducer hook. You'll also create a global Alert component.

You'll create a server application from scratch, and use ES6 Modules on the back-end. You'll implement the "nodemon" package and set up a MongoDB database in the cloud (Atlas). You'll create routes and controllers, and extensively test in POSTMAN. You'll validate Email and utilize the "express-async-errors" package. You'll also set up error handling in Express, hash passwords, and implement JWT for authentication and authorization.

You'll connect your front-end application with your server, and utilize the "concurrently" package. You'll set up "proxy" in create-react-app, programmatically navigate using React Router 6, and persist data in local storage. You'll compare passwords, set up nested pages and protected route using React Router 6, and create layout using React Router 6. You'll implement logout functionality, set JWT token in Postman programmatically, and implement various Axios configurations. You'll set up moment.js on the front-end and back-end, and complete CRUD functionality.

You'll set up permissions on the server, create mock data (Mockaroo) and populate the database. You'll also set up nice charts and cards, implement search/filter functionality on the server and front-end, and implement pagination on the server and front-end. Finally, you'll deploy your MERN application to Heroku.

Who this course is for: This course is for developers who are familiar with React and Express Fundamentals and now want to learn how to build and deploy a MERN application from scratch.

Instructor The instructor for this course is John Smilga, a web developer with 4.7 Instructor Rating, 22,003 Reviews and 115,330 Students on Udemy. He spends most of his day experimenting with HTML, CSS, and Javascript (and it's endless list of frameworks) and enjoys coding and the challenge of learning something new every day. You can also find him on his youtube channel Coding Addict.

Reviews This course has a 4.7 course rating with 1K reviews. Brad V. said, "This was such an amazing course...This course

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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