Namaste Frontend System Design
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May 27, 2024

Namaste Frontend System Design

Course Content
1. Networking

Networking - Akshay & Chirag's ExperiencePreview

Akshay and Chirag are sharing their experience on Networking.


How the Web Works

Explore the fundamental mechanics powering the internet, unveiling the intricate workings behind web functionality.


Communication Protocols

Delve into diverse communication protocols shaping internet interactions, laying the groundwork for efficient data exchange.



Uncover the principles of REST APIs, mastering the art of building robust and scalable interfaces for web applications.



Explore the power of GraphQL, enabling efficient data querying and manipulation for modern web applications.



Master gRPC, a high-performance remote procedure call framework, optimizing communication between distributed systems.

2. Communication

Communication - Akshay & Chirag's ExperiencePreview

Akshay and Chirag are sharing their experience with Communication.


Communication Overview

Explore the foundational aspects of communication protocols, shaping seamless data exchange in modern frontend systems.


Short Polling

Learn the short polling technique to acquire updated data at regular intervals, optimizing real-time updates in frontend applications.


Long Polling

Understand long polling mechanisms, facilitating continuous connections to servers for real-time data updates in frontend interfaces.


Web Sockets

Master Web Sockets for establishing persistent, bidirectional communication channels between clients and servers in frontend systems.


Server Side Events

Explore Server-Sent Events enabling servers to push data to frontend clients, facilitating seamless real-time updates.



Grasp WebHooks' capabilities in facilitating instant notifications and triggering events in frontend systems, enhancing responsiveness.

3. Security

Important Guidelines

Important guidelines for Namaste Frontend System Design


Security - Akshay & Chirag's ExperiencePreview

Akshay and Chirag are sharing their experience on security.


Security Overview

Journey through crucial security principles, setting the foundation for a secure frontend. This foundational episode introduces pivotal concepts shaping the security landscape.


Cross-site Scripting (XSS)

Discover the nuances of XSS vulnerabilities, empowering you to fortify your frontend against malicious script injections that threaten user security.


iFrame Protection

Secure your frontend against iFrame-based threats by mastering techniques to safeguard embedded content and prevent potential vulnerabilities.


Security Headers

Implement security headers effectively to fortify your frontend against various threats, leveraging key configurations for enhanced protection.


Client-side Security

Master best practices and tools for ensuring robust client-side security in your frontend architecture.


Secure Communication (HTTPs)

Safeguard data transfer using advanced HTTP security measures, ensuring secure communication in your frontend applications.


Dependency Security

Learn to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in third-party dependencies, fortifying your frontend against potential risks.


Compliance & Regulation

Navigate complex compliance standards, ensuring your frontend adheres to regulations, mitigating legal and security risks effectively.


Input Validation and Sanitization

Master the art of input validation and sanitization, safeguarding your frontend against various security threats originating from user inputs.


Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF)

Identify and counter SSRF threats, ensuring robust security for your frontend servers against unauthorized requests.


Server-side JavaScript Injection (SSJI)

Protect your frontend against malicious server-side JavaScript injections, preserving system integrity.


Feature Policy | Permissions-Policy

Leverage feature and permissions policies for strengthened frontend security, managing browser behaviors and permissions effectively.


Subresource Integrity (SRI)

Ensure resource integrity by implementing SRI, safeguarding resources loaded into your frontend against tampering.


Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

Manage CORS effectively for secure cross-origin data sharing within your frontend applications.


Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)

Prevent Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks for enhanced security.

4. Testing

Testing - Akshay & Chirag's ExperiencePreview

Akshay and Chirag are sharing their experience on Testing.


Testing Overview

Explore the pivotal role of testing in frontend development, grasping the fundamentals shaping robust testing strategies.


Unit & Integration Testing

Master the art of unit testing, dissecting individual components to ensure their functionality in isolation.


E2E and Automation Testing

Master end-to-end testing methodologies to simulate user scenarios, ensuring holistic frontend functionality.


A/B Testing

Discover A/B testing strategies to compare variations and optimize frontend design and functionality.


Performance Testing

Performance testing ensures software functions optimally under diverse conditions, simulating scenarios to identify and address bottlenecks, guaranteeing a seamless user experience.


Test-Driven Development Overview

Understand the principles and advantages of test-driven development (TDD) as a foundational approach in frontend design.


Security Testing

Security testing safeguards software by detecting and addressing vulnerabilities, ensuring data protection and resistance against cyber threats.


[BONUS] Namaste React - Time for Test

Reliability is paramount, and in this episode, we cover testing for React components. You'll learn how to ensure your components work as expected and your app remains robust.

5. Performance

Performance Overview

Explore the fundamentals of performance optimization crucial for enhancing the speed and efficiency of frontend systems.


Performance Importance

It is crucial to prioritize performance when developing software or web applications. This can greatly affect the user experience and overall success of the product.


Performance Monitoring

Grasp the importance of performance monitoring for tracking, analyzing, and optimizing frontend system performance.


Performance Tools

Explore various tools and utilities dedicated to optimizing and measuring frontend system performance.


Network Optimization

Understand network optimization strategies for minimizing latency and optimizing data transfer in frontend applications.


Rendering Pattern

Understand different rendering patterns, enabling efficient rendering and improving user experience in frontend applications.

6. Database & Caching

Database & Caching - Akshay & Chirag's ExperiencePreview

Akshay and Chirag are sharing their experience with Databases and caching.


Database & Caching Overview

Explore the foundational aspects of databases and caching, pivotal for efficient data storage and retrieval in frontend systems.


Local Storage

Master local storage techniques for storing persistent data within the user's browser, enhancing offline capabilities.


Session Storage

Understand session storage mechanisms for storing temporary data within the user's browser session, ensuring data availability during the session.


Cookie Storage

Grasp cookie storage methods for managing and storing small pieces of data in the user's browser, facilitating personalized experiences.


Indexed DB

Master Indexed DB, enabling frontend applications to manage large amounts of structured data within the user's browser.



Understand normalization principles for organizing data in databases, optimizing data storage and retrieval efficiency.


HTTP Caching

Grasp HTTP caching methodologies for storing web server responses in browsers, optimizing data retrieval and system performance.


Service Working Caching

Master service working caching techniques for storing static assets and enhancing the offline capabilities of frontend applications.


API Caching

Understand API caching strategies for caching API responses, reducing server load and enhancing frontend application responsiveness.


State Management

Explore state management techniques for maintaining and managing application states, ensuring seamless user experiences in frontend systems.

7. Logging & Monitoring

Logging And Monitoring - Akshay & Chirag's ExperiencePreview

Akshay and Chirag are sharing their experience on Logging And Monitoring.


Logging & Monitoring Overview

Explore the foundational principles of logging and monitoring, vital for maintaining the health and performance of frontend systems.



Master telemetry methodologies for collecting and analyzing frontend system data, enabling informed decision-making.



Understand alerting mechanisms, ensuring timely notifications for potential issues or anomalies in frontend systems.



Grasp effective strategies and best practices for addressing issues and anomalies detected in frontend systems through monitoring.

8. Low Level Design

Component Design

Grasp modular component-based design techniques for frontend applications.


Config driven UI

This lightning talk introduces config-driven UI


Shimmer UI

Shimmer UI: A Better Way to Show Loading States


Routing & Protected Routes

Master seamless navigation techniques in frontend interfaces.


State Management + Libraries

Understand complex state handling in frontend systems.


Multi Language Support

How does multi-language support work?


Infinite Scroll

Implement dynamic content loading techniques in frontend interfaces.


A user interface device that’s frequently used in web and mobile applications to arrange and show content in a user-friendly and space-efficient way.

Reddit Nested Comments

Design threaded discussions for frontend commenting systems.

Image Slider

LLD Image Slider

Pagination (Releasing 1st May)

Enable user-friendly content browsing through pagination.

Autocomplete & Search Bar (Releasing 3rd May)

Implement efficient data retrieval with autocomplete and search functionalities.

9. High Level Design

HLD Overview

Grasp essentials of high-level design principles.

HLD - Photo Sharing App (Instagram)

Design frontend for photo sharing.

HLD - E-commerce App (Amazon, Flipkart)

Architect frontend for e-commerce platforms.

HLD - News Media Feed (Facebook, Twitter)

Architect frontend for social media feeds.

HLD - Video Streaming (Netflix, HotStar)

Design frontend for video streaming.

HLD - Google Docs

Architect frontend for collaborative documents

HLD - Google Sheets

Design frontend for collaborative spreadsheets.

HLD - Diagram Tools (Excalidraw)

Architect frontend for diagramming.

HLD - Music Streaming (Spotify)

Design frontend for music streaming.

HLD - Live Commentary (CricInfo, Crickbuzz)

Architect frontend for live commentary.

HLD - Cab Services (Uber, Ola)

Design frontend for cab services.

HLD - Analytics Dashboard (Google Analytics)

Architect frontend for analytics.

10. Accessibility

Accessibility Overview

Learn vital accessibility principles for inclusive frontend design

Keyboard Accessibility

Optimize frontend interfaces for keyboard navigation.

Screen Reader

Develop interfaces compatible with screen readers.

Focus Management

Explore the importance of focus management and colour contrast in front-end design.

Color Contrast

Explore the importance of colour contrast in front-end design.


Accessibility Tools

Let's learn about tools to improve accessibility.


How to fix accessibility

Learn how to improve website accessibility using both manual and automated testing tools.

11. Bonus Masterclass

Bonus - Salary Negotiation Masterclass

Salary Negotiation Masterclass

Bonus - Resume Masterclass

Resume Masterclass


Bonus - Personal Branding Masterclass

Personal Branding Masterclass


Bonus - LinkedIn Masterclass

LinkedIn Masterclass

12. Bonus Interview Questions

Security Interview Questions

Practice interview questions of security.


Communication Protocol Interview Questions

Communication Protocol Interview Questions


Database & Caching Interview Questions

Database & Caching Interview Questions


Logging & Monitoring Interview Questions

Interview Questions for Logging & Monitoring


Networking Interview Questions

Interview Questions for Networking

13. Offline Support

Offline Support Overview (Releasing 12th May)

Explore the fundamentals of offline support mechanisms, crucial for ensuring seamless functionality in frontend applications without an internet connection.


Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) (Releasing 18th May)

Master PWAs, enabling frontend applications to offer app-like experiences with offline capabilities, enhancing user engagement.


Service Workers (Releasing 15th May)

Grasp the role of service workers in enabling offline functionalities and background synchronization for frontend applications.


14. Lecture Notes
Component Design Notes

Shimmer UI Notes

Config Driven UI Notes

State Management Notes

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