Next.js (v12.0) Firebase Full Course ( )
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Nov 13, 2022

Next.js (v12.0) Firebase Full Course ( )

Next.js Firebase - The Full Course

Takes you from zero to a creation prepared half breed delivered webapp. Figure out how assemble a superior exhibition React application that highlights realtime information from Firebase and various server-side delivering standards with Next.js What will I fabricate?

You will fabricate a full-stack Social Blogging Platform motivated by locales like 🌈 and Medium. Writers can make content under their custom username, then, at that point, distribute openly with SEO-accommodating delivering, while perusers can heart or like posts in realtime. Including…

👨‍🎤 Custom Firebase usernames

📰 Bot-accommodating substance (SEO)

🦾 Progressed SSR, SSG, and ISR methods

🔥 Firestore realtime CRUD and information demonstrating

⚛️ Receptive structures with respond snare structure

📂 Picture document transfers

💞 Realtime hearts

🚀 Security and Deployment

🤔 Is this Course Right for Me?

This course is middle level 🟦 and will move you to construct an application that conveys superior execution and internet searcher perceivability through server-side delivering. It expects you have essentially fundamental information on web programming with commonality of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It is high speed and like my style on YouTube, however undeniably more top to bottom and continued in a long straight arrangement.

🚀 Test drive

Visit the demo application and give it a test drive before you enlist.


When was the course last refreshed?

Refreshed Oct 27th, 2021 Next v12.0

How would I select?

The initial not many recordings are free, so make a plunge 🤿. At the point when you arrive at a paid module, you will be approached to pay for a solitary course or move up to PRO.




Watch this video prior to beginning the course!

2 React Basics

Become familiar with the essentials of React.js and responsive UI advancement

3 Firebase Basics

Become familiar with the essentials of Firebase Authentication, Firestore, and Storage

4 Next.js Basics

Become familiar with the essentials of Next.js and server-side delivering


5 Technical Overview

Outline and specialized choices behind the application

6 Next.js Setup

Arrangement a Next.js application and investigate the record framework

7 TypeScript

Arrangement Next.js with TypeScript (discretionary)

8 Firebase Setup

Introduce and design Firebase in a Next.js project

9 Routing

Oversee dynamic steering and connections in Next.js

10 Loader

Make a stacking spinner to oversee stacking states across the application

11 Navbar

Make a powerful route bar with React

12 Toast

Use respond hot-toast to trigger vivified toast messages


13 Auth Intro

Specialized outline of Firebase Auth with custom usernames

14 Google SignIn

Validate by means of OAuth with Google SignIn

15 Auth Context

Deal with the worldwide auth state with the React Context API

16 Auth Hook

Join Firestore information to the current client with a custom respond snare

17 Custom Usernames

Add custom usernames to Firebase clients and nonconcurrently approve uniqueness


18 SSR and SEO in Next

Specialized outline of server-side delivering and SEO

19 Data Model

Step by step instructions to show information connections between clients, posts, and hearts

20 SSR User Profile Page

Carry out server-side delivering to bring information on the server

21 SSR + Paginated Home Page Feed

Render a feed of the most recent posts with a collectionGroup inquiry

22 ISR Incremental Static Regeneration

Utilize gradual static recovery (ISR) to revamp pages on the fly

23 Realtime Data Hydration

Progress or hydrate server-delivered content to a realtime stream of information from Firestore

24 Custom 404 Page

Render a custom 404 page for dynamic pages that don't exist.

25 Metatags for SEO

Produce dynamic metatags for website streamlining and social linkbots

Muck Features​

26 Admin Pages

Make an AuthCheck part to deliver content for endorsed in clients

27 Create Data with Firestore

Make another post record in Firestore with a custom slug ID

28 Post Editing Form

Use respond snare structures to make a structure to alter posts in markdown

29 Form Validation

Add structure approval with respond snare structures

30 Image Uploads

Make a picture document uploader with Firebase stockpiling


31 Hearts, Likes, Claps

Make a many-to-numerous relationship where clients can heart many posts


32 Backend Security

Use Firestore Rules to guarantee highlights are secure across the whole stack

33 Vercel Deployment

Send the application with constant mix on Vercel

34 Firebase Deployment

Send the application to Firebase facilitating

Free Download 😀

Zip/rar files password can be one of these :- FreeCourseUniverse / CheapUniverse
Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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