One Stop Frontend Projects 2023
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Sep 24, 2023

One Stop Frontend Projects 2023

One Stop Frontend Projects 2023

Get your hands dirty in the most Intensive Frontend projects course with me. Get ready to face many real world challenges & build projects you have only dreamt of building to reality. Trust me, these are not so easy (or) common projects, you're gonna learn a ton of concepts 🚀 Enjoy the learning!


⭐️ Motivation: Building projects can fill your resume. But building complex projects enhances your whole Technical credibility which will be very evident in your Interview rounds with the Engineering Manager.


⭐️ Master Core Fundamentals: Concepts like Closures, Hoisting, Promises, Async race conditions, Event Delegation, Event phases, Raw state management, Complex UI structuring, Microtask and Callback queue..


⭐️ Learn to scale your projects: Optimize script fetching using async/defer, code modularity and re-useability, IndexedDB for efficient storage mechanisms, handling async race conditions, complex UI structuring, Algorithms to solve in efficient complexity..


⭐️ Why build projects from this course: Many Unicorns and Growth Startups are preferring dedicated hiring for Frontend Engineers. They care more about real Frontend skills than DSA. For that you've to be really good in Frontend Engineering in all aspects. That's what these complex and System Design Grade Frontend projects aims to teach you.


⭐️ Impact of Projects in my career: It's because of the projects I'm so fundamentally strong let it be javascript, web, css, state management. I strongly believe the projects you build should give you the confidence to crack any Interviews. TBH, I didn't had to prepare for Interviews after a certain point.


⭐️ Why this course is a value addition: You can refer any of the courses across the Internet charging even lakhs of rupees 💰, none of them offers to build & teach you such complex Frontend projects in depth like me at this price point.


Don't end up building Netflix Clones, Amazon Clones. It's not about unique ideas instead it's all about the complexity & challenges you solve, the depth & breadth of concepts you learn.


🚀 Let's build Frontend Projects at scale 🚀

Key Highlights

Build 3 front-end intensive capstone projects with me

~20 hours of most premium teaching content

Zero toy projects, zero fluff talks, only real-world app building

This course is front-end intensive teaching you everything to build real-world apps from scratch

No boring react projects available here and there. We chose to build the complex vanilla js apps.

This course follows 100% hands-on coding approach. Be ready with your laptops right away!

What's the most challenging project you've worked on? You've got 3 now, amazing isn't it!

What you will learn

Master the art real-world projects

Build the exhaustive set of real world front-end projects for your resume.

X factor of One Stop projects

Make your resume technically sound. We'll build features like Canvas rendering, Annotation, Cycle detection, DFS Formula Evaluation, Two-way binding, Blob Processing, Media Streaming.

Incorporate using Native Web APIs

Gain experience in using various APIs to power the functionality of your Apps. IndexedDB, Canvas, Media Devices, File Reader, DOM, Media Recorder.

Quality of One Stop projects

I still have all of 3 projects in my resume. Reason being, these are not toy projects everyone builds. Stand out from the crowd.


Intro to One Stop Projects

1 attachment(s) • 2.24 mins




Project 1: Google Sheets

10 attachment(s) • 11 hrs 9.28 mins


Build sheets UI layout


Adding two-way binding interactivity for cells


DFS based formula evaluation of cells


Cycle Detection Algorithm in Directed Graphs


Binding Detection Algorithm in sheet cells


DFS path tracing of sheet cells



Add multiple sheets management with synchronous storage


File Reader API to upload sheets, and more other features


Github Code

Project 2: Web Cam

5 attachment(s) • 4 hrs 9.33 mins

Project Preview

Build WebCam UI layout and MediaStream live cam feed


Canvas API to render feed and record using MediaRecorder API


Processing Blobs of cam feed with synchronous storage using IndexedDB API


Github Code

Project 3: Sketch Board

6 attachment(s) • 3 hrs 48.07 mins

Project Preview

Build Sketch Board UI layout


Canvas API to draw realtime 2D graphics


Implement graphics realtime and synchronous across connections using, Node, Express


Deployment of Sketch Board 2.0 for realtime testing


Github Code


When you complete this course you receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ signed and addressed personally by me.


Free Download 😀

Zip/rar files password can be one of these :- FreeCourseUniverse / CheapUniverse
Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Hey Guys We are Tech Enthusiasts and we know knowledge is key to success ! We are here to open path to your success by providing what you want. Today education == business. Our moto is education should be accessible by any person who is not able to purchase overpriced content.

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