Pluralsight - Getting Started with Podman
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

May 27, 2024

Pluralsight - Getting Started with Podman

What you'll learn

In today’s market there are many container management systems available and the latest of these is Podman, and is invested in heavily by Red Hat. Running containers may need you to become the root user or to belong to specific groups to gain additional access. Elevating user privileges is not necessarily the best way of working. In this course, Getting Started with Podman, you’ll learn how to install Podman and manage Podman containers using standard user accounts. First, you’ll explore the concepts of container management and how to setup the lab environment. Next, you’ll discover how to quickly deploy Podman images as containers and connect through to their services. Finally, you’ll learn how to control user ID mappings using rootless containers. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of managing containers with Podman needed to deploy and manage containers needed for services in your DevOps environment.

Table of contents

  • Course Overview
  • Understanding Podman
  • Working with Registries and Images
  • Understanding Containers
  • Running a Web Server Using Local Content
  • Running a Systemd Service in a Container
  • Networking Podman
  • Orchestrating Configuration Using Podman-Compose

About the author

Andrew Mallett

Andrew is an all around Linux professional with in depth knowledge of the OS and this is supported with scripting in bash, perl, python and ruby and application development in C, C++ and Java. Having worked for many years in training, Andrew has developed automated course build systems after endless time wasted on Friday nights. The first build system he built was aptly named "Friday nights." This has inspired his interest in all things deployment related. He has authored training courses on Microsoft Deployment Toolkit as well as countless bespoke PXE solutions to training organizations. His commitment to the community shows in the amount of content that he has uploaded to his YouTube channel since theurbanpenguin was founded in 2009, as well as more recently helping with the Google / Raspberry Pi CoderDojo project. He also teaches Linux in schools. Over the years Andrew has taught Novell, Microsoft, Lotus Notes, Citrix, Solaris as well as Linux. It is Linux, though, where his love is. Andrew is able to help you understand how the product will fit into your organization and understand the heterogeneous environment we all work in.

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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