React Native: Advanced Concepts (Stephen Grider)
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Aug 17, 2023

React Native: Advanced Concepts (Stephen Grider)

Master the advanced topics of React Native: Animations, Guides, Notifications, Navigation and More!


What you'll learn

  • Make convincing applications utilizing master level highlights of React Native
  • Create incredibly smooth and performant animations
  • Build new React Native apps with Exhibition
  • Understand the most recent Navigation options for new React Native apps
  • Add rationale to your Firebase backend with Google Cloud Functions
  • Update your clients with cross platform Push Notifications
  • Handle your clients going disconnected with Revival Persevere



Fundamental understanding of React Native


Note: This course expects you've got the basics of React Native down. Look at my course 'The Total React Native and Revival' course, its the perfect preparation!

Go beyond the basics of React Native! This course will show you the advanced topics you really want to make a #1 top of the line application.

Push Notifications? You will learn it. Top to bottom Animations? Included. Disconnected Information Diligence? Of course!


What Will You Build?

Each of my courses are 'learn-by-doing': no exhausting vast talks with Powerpoints, only live, intelligent coding examples. In this course we'll build three separate apps with expanding intricacy, every one of which will profile various highlights of React Native. By placing every concept into a real application, you'll get a superior thought of when to utilize every interesting and powerful element.

1) Build a Kindling like Swipe Deck. Indeed, the exemplary enlivened component! We'll create a major pile of delightful cards that a client can slide around the screen, swiping right to 'like' a thing, or 'left' to despise a thing. This warmup will get you acquainted with deciphering touch input through the PanResponder framework, moving components around with the Enlivened module, and turning extrapolating animation values through the Interpolation framework.

2) Plunge into the backend with One Time Secret phrase authentication. At any point been provoked to sign in utilizing a code that gets messaged to you? One Time Passwords are another authentication stream that use a client's phone number as their extraordinary recognizing token. We will utilize the Twilio Programming interface to send an instant message to a client to check their personality, while getting our business rationale into Firebase's new Google Cloud Functions.

3) Your own Pursuit of employment application. Kindling for occupations! This application is 100 percent highlight total! We'll build an application with a full welcome-screen tutorial for our new client's, Facebook authentication, and guide components. The client will be given a rundown of tasks to like or abhorrence in view of their location by utilizing Without a doubt's Work Programming interface, then follow up and apply to their decision occupations.

Both OSX and Windows upheld - foster iOS or Android!


We'll learn this:

Learn the theory and practice of carrying out complex Animation frameworks

Bootstrap your application utilizing the new Exhibition platform

Explore your client around utilizing React-Navigation

Draw in your clients with automated Push Notifications

Enhance authentication streams in your application with One Time Passwords with Twilio

Increment your application's dependability with Disconnected Information Ingenuity

Teach your clients on the most proficient method to utilize your application with Welcome Tutorial pages

Authenticate your clients utilizing Facebook OAuth

Go beyond the mobile front end with Google Cloud Functions: Add custom rationale to your Firebase backend

Find your clients with cross-platform MapView components


I've assembled the course that I would have wanted to take when I was learning React Native. A course that makes sense of the concepts and how they're executed in the best request for you to learn and profoundly understand them.

Who this course is for:

This course is for anyone hoping to learn advanced topics of React Native



Guillaume G.

84 courses

27 reviews

Rating: 5.0 out of quite a while back

A really astounding course again by Stephen. Extremely careful and fascinating. All that with the standard Stephen's style. Indeed, some deps or libs are obsolete however the rationale remains. For my part, I took the freedom to create the application with react-native CLI + TypeScript rather than Exhibition and refreshed my deps to utilize React Navigation 5 however the remainder of the course is material. So I enthusiastically prescribe this course to anyone wanting to go undeniably further than the typical tutorials on RN.



Stephen Grider

Designing Engineer

  • 4.6 Instructor Rating
  • 429,862 Reviews
  • 1,292,543 Understudies
  • 32 Courses

Stephen Grider has been building complex Javascript front finishes for top corporations in the San Francisco Cove Region. With a natural capacity to work on complex topics, Stephen has been mentoring engineers starting their professions in programming improvement for years, and has now expanded that experience onto Udemy, composing the most noteworthy evaluated React course. He instructs on Udemy to share the information he has acquired with other computer programmers. Put resources into yourself by learning from Stephen's distributed courses.

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Harry Potter

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