Street Coder, Video Edition [O’Reilly]
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May 27, 2024

Street Coder, Video Edition [O’Reilly]

Discover practical insights for software developers with Street Coder, Video Edition by O’Reilly. Learn machine learning, JavaScript tips, and best practices for coding, testing, security, and optimization. Perfect for developers at all levels!
In Video Editions the narrator reads the book while the content, figures, code listings, diagrams, and text appear on the screen. Like an audiobook that you can also watch as a video.

I've just finished the digital copy of this content-packed 274 pages of insightful technical guide and it definitely goes onto my list of useful sources for software developers, CS students, and even technical leads.

Asil Çetin-Aufricht, Team Lead, Software Development, KPMG Austria


Computer science theory quickly collides with the harsh reality of professional software development. This wickedly smart and devilishly funny beginner's guide shows you how to get the job done by prioritizing tasks, making quick decisions, and knowing which rules to break.

In Street Coder you will learn:

  • Data types, algorithms, and data structures for speedy software development
  • Putting "bad" practices to good use
  • Learn to love testing
  • Embrace code breaks and become friends with failure
  • Beginner-friendly insight on code optimization, asynchronous programming, parallelization, and refactoring

Street Coder: Rules to break and how to break them is a programmer's survival guide, full of tips, tricks, and hacks that will make you a more efficient programmer. It takes the best practices you learn in a computer science class and deconstructs them to show when they’re beneficial—and when they aren't!

This book's rebel mindset challenges status quo thinking and exposes the important skills you need on the job. You'll learn the crucial importance of algorithms and data structures, turn programming chores into programming pleasures, and shatter dogmatic principles keeping you from your full potential. Welcome to the streets!

about the technology

Fresh-faced CS grads, bootcampers, and other junior developers lack a vital quality: the “street smarts” of experience. To succeed in software, you need the skills and discipline to put theory into action. You also need to know when to go rogue and break the unbreakable rules. This book is your survival guide.

about the book

Street Coder teaches you how to handle the realities of day-to-day coding as a software developer. Self-taught guru Sedat Kapanoğlu shares down-and-dirty advice that’s rooted in his personal hands-on experience, not abstract theory or ivory-tower ideology. You’ll learn how to adapt what you’ve learned from books and classes to the challenges you’ll face on the job. As you go, you’ll get tips on everything from technical implementations to handling a paranoid manager.

about the audience

For new programmers. Examples in C#.

about the author

Sedat Kapanoglu is a self-taught programmer with more than 25 years of experience, including a stint at Microsoft.

A fantastic read, particularly for developers just beginning their first proper job in the industry, but also a worthwhile investment for more experienced developers.

Jonny Nisbet


A must-read for every developer level!

Vincent Delcoigne, Wavenet


In the real world you have some tough decisions to make and the formal theory that you learned in your CS study or courses won't be enough—thus I really appreciate the message that this book delivers: know what matters in the streets, be questioning and results-driven, and embrace complexity and ambiguity.

Asil Çetin-Aufricht, Team Lead, Software Development, KPMG Austria


Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1. To the streets
  2. Chapter 1. Great street coders
  3. Chapter 1. The problems of modern software development
  4. Chapter 1. The black boxes of technology
  5. Chapter 1. Themes
  6. Chapter 2. Practical theory
  7. Chapter 2. Inside data structures
  8. Chapter 2. Array
  9. Chapter 2. Dictionary
  10. Chapter 2. What’s the hype on types?
  11. Chapter 2. Proof of validity
  12. Chapter 2. Don’t framework hard, framework smart
  13. Chapter 2. To be nullable or non-nullable Part 1
  14. Chapter 2. To be nullable or non-nullable Part 2
  15. Chapter 2. Better performance for free
  16. Chapter 3. Useful anti-patterns
  17. Chapter 3. Isolating common functionality
  18. Chapter 3. Write it from scratch
  19. Chapter 3. Fix it, even if it ain’t broke
  20. Chapter 3. Do repeat yourself
  21. Chapter 3. Invent it here
  22. Chapter 3. Don’t use inheritance
  23. Chapter 3. Don’t use classes
  24. Chapter 3. Write bad code
  25. Chapter 3. Don’t write code comments
  26. Chapter 4. Tasty testing
  27. Chapter 4. How to stop worrying and love the tests
  28. Chapter 4. Don’t use TDD or other acronyms
  29. Chapter 4. Deciding what to test
  30. Chapter 4. Let the compiler test your code
  31. Chapter 4. Eliminate valid value checks
  32. Chapter 5. Rewarding refactoring
  33. Chapter 5. Identify the components
  34. Chapter 5. Refactor to make refactoring easier
  35. Chapter 5. Reliable refactoring
  36. Chapter 6. Security by scrutiny
  37. Chapter 6. Threat modeling
  38. Chapter 6. Write secure web apps
  39. Chapter 6. Don’t implement your own security
  40. Chapter 6. SQL injection attacks
  41. Chapter 6. Cross-site scripting
  42. Chapter 6. Draw the first flood
  43. Chapter 6. Storing secrets
  44. Chapter 6. Keeping secrets in source code
  45. Chapter 7. Opinionated optimization
  46. Chapter 7. Anatomy of sluggishness
  47. Chapter 7. Nested loops
  48. Chapter 7. Breaking the bottle at the neck
  49. Chapter 7. Be predictable
  50. Chapter 7. 1s and 0s of I/O
  51. Chapter 7. Modern async/await
  52. Chapter 8. Palatable scalability
  53. Chapter 8. Don’t use locks
  54. Chapter 8. Embrace inconsistency
  55. Chapter 8. Don’t cache database connections
  56. Chapter 8. Don’t use threads
  57. Chapter 8. Respect the monolith
  58. Chapter 9. Living with bugs
  59. Chapter 9. The error terror
  60. Chapter 9. Don’t catch exceptions
  61. Chapter 9. Resiliency without transactions
  62. Chapter 9. Don’t debug


Product information

  • Title: Street Coder, Video Edition
  • Author(s): Sedat Kapanoglu
  • Release date: January 2022
  • Publisher(s): Manning Publications
  • ISBN: None

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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